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Do textu s rozsahom jedného odstavca dopĺňajte na vybrané miesta správny variant z dvoch možností. Úloha má jednoduché ovládanie (môžete využiť myš alebo šípky) a priebežné vyhodnotenie. Týmto cvičením si precvičíte porozumenie anglickému textu a gramatické pravidlá.

Rýchla príprava na diktáty. Do textu dopĺňate na vybrané miesta správny variant z dvoch možností.


Be, have, do
To do, to have, to be in present simple
To do, to have, to be in past simple
Talking about the present
Present simple tense
Talking about the past
Past simple tense (regular verbs)
Past simple tense (irregular verbs)
Minulý priebehový čas
Present perfect tense
Talking about the past: mix
Talking about the future
Future simple tense
Noun plurals regural
Nouns plurals irregular
Indefinite article
Articles: mix
Prepositions of time
Personal pronouns
Adjectives and adverbs
Adverbs comparative / superlative


Past simple tense (regular verbs)

My holidays

I’m from Rome and the summer here is really hot. So last year my parents and I   to go to Norway. My parents   a lovely house in Oslo. Every summer we   a big house but last year, my parents   a small one. I usually   holidays with my parents but last year I   . I   that there was no space to move. So, I   to go back because our house in Rome is much bigger. I also   to be with my friends. So at least I   at the picture of them. Here in Rome, my friends   in the same building as I   so we meet every day. That is why last year in Oslo, I really   them. At least, I   to buy them a present. When we got home, they   me with the luggage and I gave them the presents. I really   them, they are my best friends!

Noun plurals regural


In the United Kingdom, Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25.   often celebrate Christmas together. They exchange   and   , and they also prepare special festive   .
Most   have a   in their house for Christmas. People also decorate their houses with small coloured fairy   , and with leaves and   from holly   and mistletoe   .
Many people spend Christmas Day with family   . Many children wake up in the morning to find a   filled with small   . The   are brought by ‘Father Christmas’ or ‘Santa Clause’.

Indefinite article

Trip to Paris

I went to   Paris last June with my sister. We stayed for   week in   small hotel near the Eiffel Tower.   hotel was nice and quiet.
During the day we walked around   city. On Monday, we met   strange man. He wore   scarf but the sun was shining! So, I took   photo of him. I really liked   scarf! So, we decided to go to   shop and I bought   scarf as well. But my scarf was different from the one that   man had.
So, we had   great time in Paris. It is   beautiful city with   special atmosphere.


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