Gramatika v kontexte

Do textu s rozsahom jedného odstavca dopĺňajte na vybrané miesta správny variant z dvoch možností. Úloha má jednoduché ovládanie (môžete využiť myš alebo šípky) a priebežné vyhodnotenie. Týmto cvičením si precvičíte porozumenie anglickému textu a gramatické pravidlá.

Do textu s rozsahom jedného odstavca dopĺňate na vybrané miesta správny variant z dvoch možností.


Be, have, do
To do, to have, to be in present simple
To do, to have, to be in past simple
Talking about the present
Present simple tense
Talking about the past
Past simple tense (regular verbs)
Past simple tense (irregular verbs)
Minulý priebehový čas
Present perfect tense
Talking about the past: mix
Talking about the future
Future simple tense
Noun plurals regural
Nouns plurals irregular
Indefinite article
Articles: mix
Prepositions of time
Personal pronouns
Adjectives and adverbs
Adverbs comparative / superlative


Present simple tense

A letter to Martina

Dear Laura,
I am writing you to tell you about my new boyfriend. His name is Tomáš. He   32 years old. He   in Ostrava with his younger brother. They   in a big flat.
Their younger sister Eliška   with Tomáš. They   for a big company. They   cars and then they   them.
Tomáš   football. I really   watching him because he   a good player.
We usually   on a date on Friday. We both   watching old films. So, we usually   a lot of time at home. Tomáš usually   and I   the film.
All the best,

Present perfect tense


Martin Smith   part in parachuting since he   17. The sport   in America in 1919. The main idea is of the sport is a transition from a high point to Earth with aid of gravity. The parachutists control the speed using parachutes. Martin   his first parachute jump in 2010. He once   , “parachuting   me, I   interested in its history. There   people trying to jump, only in 1919 they   it a name.
Martin   on TV a number of times, but his big break   in 2006 when he   in a famous film. Since then, parachuting   even more popular and Martin   in many other films. Parachuting can be dangerous but Martin   a serious accident.

Minulý priebehový čas

A letter

John   breakfast yesterday morning when the post   . He   to the radio at that time so he   the postman ring the bell. His father   him an official looking letter a few minutes later. John   it, wondering what it   . He   really surprised. He   out that his application to enter the young actor’s talent competition had been accepted.


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