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At the Grocer's

On my way home from work, I went grocery shopping. I need to have a list so that I won’t forget what I have to buy. My local grocer's is a small shop next to my house. It’s best to shop there in the morning because there is a lot of people in the afternoon. Unfortunately, it’s still closed when I go to work. Today, I managed to buy almost everything on my list. The package of six eggs costs £1. The milk costs £ 0.80, but I already bought some before. The apples cost £ 1.60. The bread usually costs £ 1.10, but they don’t have any left in the afternoon. Even though supermarkets always have bread in the afternoon and are a bit cheaper, I prefer going here, because the staff is more friendly.

Animals II

The Farm

Usually, there are a lot of animals on a farm. Each of them is there for a reason. People most often have chickens, because they eat almost everything and lay eggs every day. There is always a dog on a farm to guard it and a cat to catch mice, so they would not eat the grain for the chickens. The cat can drink milk from the cows. A cow is not the only big animal you can find on a farm. There can also be horses around, to help with the hard work. Another animal that produces milk is sheep. The sheep are also kept for their wool, which is warm and soft. These animals need a lot of food to eat, so farms usually have big fields around them.

Family II


My name is Emily and I would like to tell you a bit about my sister.

My sister's name is Claire and she is twenty-six years old. So she doesn't live with us anymore. She lives in Oxford with her husband John and their baby. His name is Joshua. He is eleven months old. I can't believe that I'm his aunt; I'm only nine years old! They also have a dog.

I live in Cambridge with my parents so we visit Claire only once a month. I enjoy going to Oxford because I love to be with Joshua. I think that his favourite animal is the elephant because they are everywhere in their house – on his clothes, in his room, everywhere!


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