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Dwarves Sneezy, Grumpy, and Dopey are in a forest looking for a treasure, but so far they have found only trash. Sneezy is surprised because when he hit the tyre with his spade, he thought that they had finally found gold. Dopey doesn’t care, because he likes nature more than any treasure. The same can’t be said about Grumpy. He really wanted to find the treasure and he is very angry at people who leave their trash in the forests.


At the Market

There is a big market in the main square every Wednesday. It is very popular because the vendors don’t have to pay to be able to sell there. The only conditions are that they have to give people receipts and sell local products. That’s why the fruit and vegetable there is always very fresh. Even though the market is open until 4 P.M., I always come in the morning when they have the widest selection. In addition to fruit and vegetable, you can buy eggs, milk products, and fresh flowers. Almost anything except for meat. Once a month, people also come to sell their pottery and old books.


The Bathroom

In our house, there are two bathrooms. The small one is used by me and my sister. I shower in the evening and she showers in the morning before school. Its floor is black and there are blue tiles on the walls. There is a toilet right next to the shower and sink opposite the toilet. Above the sink, there is a mirror. The second bathroom is used by my parents. It is similar to ours but it is bigger and has a bathtub instead of a shower. I remember bathing there when I was smaller. There is a pink rug next to the bathtub. The bathrooms in our house are always very clean because my father cleans them every week.


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