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Famous People

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) was one of the most famous American actresses and a legend of the Golden Age of Hollywood. With her curled blonde hair and red lipstick, she is still a great icon of pop culture.

She was born Norma Jeane Mortenson to an unhappy family. Since her mother had her very young and quickly went through two divorces, young Norma spent most of her childhood in foster homes. Following her mother’s example, she also married young, as she was only sixteen at the time. During her first marriage, she was working in a factory where she was discovered, after which she began her modelling career.

After adopting her new name, Monroe became successful and quickly found her way into the world of film. Unfortunately, her life was not happy. None of her three marriages worked out, she often had to play stupid blondes, despite being quite intelligent herself. In Holywood, she was overshadowed by actresses who were taken more seriously. It resulted in Monroe killing herself by overdosing on sleeping pills.

Linda's Travels

The Hot-Air Balloon

Linda is flying in a hot-air balloon with her mum Susan and her brother Jimmy. They can already see very far, but Susan wants to get higher than the birds fly so that they wouldn’t be scared. She told Jimmy to throw out some sand that they were carrying in the balloon. Now there are only five sacks of sand left.



James is a ten-year-old boy who lives with his three siblings. Eric, the oldest, is fourteen years old and doesn’t go to the same school as James. He plays video games all the time. Amy is also a bit older. She is twelve and she is James’s classmate. They don’t talk to each other because they both have their own friends. The youngest sibling is called Lucy. She is just five years old. Lucy doesn’t go to school yet. Out of all her siblings, she likes James best because he always wants to spend time with her.


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