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Do textu s rozsahom jedného odstavca dopĺňajte na vybrané miesta správny variant z dvoch možností. Úloha má jednoduché ovládanie (môžete využiť myš alebo šípky) a priebežné vyhodnotenie. Týmto cvičením si precvičíte porozumenie anglickému textu a gramatické pravidlá.

Rýchla príprava na diktáty. Do textu dopĺňate na vybrané miesta správny variant z dvoch možností.

Třída / ročník:   Vše2.


Be, have, do
To do, to have, to be in present simple
Talking about the present
Present simple tense
Talking about the past
Past simple tense (regular verbs)
Minulý priebehový čas
Present perfect tense
Talking about the future
Future simple tense
Noun plurals regural
Nouns plurals irregular
Articles: mix
Prepositions of time
Personal pronouns
Adjectives and adverbs
Adverbs comparative / superlative


Articles: mix

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Harry Potter and   Philosopher’s Stone is   very successful and popular film. It is based on   bestselling book by   famous author J. K. Rowling.
It is about   young boy who finds out that he is   wizard. He also finds out that   most dangerous wizard of   world tried to kill him and then disappeared.
He goes to   school for wizards.   name of   school is Hogwarts. He meets there   new friends, Ron and Hermione. They spend   lot of time together. During   school year they find out that one of   teachers wants to steal   Philosopher’s Stone that is hidden at   school.
If you want to find out how it ends, you have to read   book.

Future simple tense


In 2050, most of the schools   online. Pupils   classes with teachers from all over the world. Pupils   from their homes. Parents   at homes and they   after their children.
In 2050, people   less because they   replaced by robots. They   20 hours a week. The question is whether they   a job at all.
Family life:
More fathers   at homes and they   househusbands, while mothers   go to work. There   three generations living in the same house.

Present perfect tense


Martin Smith   part in parachuting since he   17. The sport   in America in 1919. The main idea is of the sport is a transition from a high point to Earth with aid of gravity. The parachutists control the speed using parachutes. Martin   his first parachute jump in 2010. He once   , “parachuting   me, I   interested in its history. There   people trying to jump, only in 1919 they   it a name.
Martin   on TV a number of times, but his big break   in 2006 when he   in a famous film. Since then, parachuting   even more popular and Martin   in many other films. Parachuting can be dangerous but Martin   a serious accident.


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