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Do textu s rozsahom jedného odstavca dopĺňajte na vybrané miesta správny variant z dvoch možností. Úloha má jednoduché ovládanie (môžete využiť myš alebo šípky) a priebežné vyhodnotenie. Týmto cvičením si precvičíte porozumenie anglickému textu a gramatické pravidlá.

Rýchla príprava na diktáty. Do textu dopĺňate na vybrané miesta správny variant z dvoch možností.

Třída / ročník:   Vše2.


Be, have, do
To do, to have, to be in past simple
Indefinite article


Indefinite article

Trip to Paris

I went to   Paris last June with my sister. We stayed for   week in   small hotel near the Eiffel Tower.   hotel was nice and quiet.
During the day we walked around   city. On Monday, we met   strange man. He wore   scarf but the sun was shining! So, I took   photo of him. I really liked   scarf! So, we decided to go to   shop and I bought   scarf as well. But my scarf was different from the one that   man had.
So, we had   great time in Paris. It is   beautiful city with   special atmosphere.

To do, to have, to be in past simple

Henry VIII

Henry VIII   born in 1491 and he   King of England in the 16th century. He   the second Tudor monarch. He is known because he   six wives and because he wanted to annul the marriage with the first wife he   , Catherine of Aragon. The reason   that they   only one child, Mary, and he needed a male heir. But the Pope refused the annulation. So, Henry VIII broke with the church and married pregnant Anne Boleyn. He   excommunicated by the Pope and the English reformation began.
Thomas Cromwell   Henry’s chief minister and Henry VIII became a head of the Church of England. It   a big impact on culture and society. Many churches   destroyed. A daughter of Anne and Henry   born, the future Queen Elizabeth I. Because Henry   any male heir, Anne Boleyn   beheaded at the Tower of London. It   Jane Seymour who produced the son Henry wanted. His name   Edward. Jane Seymour died and Henry married Anne of Cleves. But the marriage   a disaster so Henry divorced Anne a few months later. In 1540, he married Catherine Howard. But it   known that Catherine   a previous relationship with Henry’s courtier and she   executed as well. Henry’s last wife   Catherine Parr. Henry VIII died in 1547.


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